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Some gifted kids programs offer about 2,000 hours of practically free top-notch education. 2,000hr in total * $60/hr = $120,000

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Looking to better your time and extend your lifespan? Research shows that just an hour of walking a day can add up to 7.2 years* to your life! Take advantage of our life-saving and time mastery opportunities to get to win bigtime.
* Steven C. Moore et al. - PLOS Medicine

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Did you know that the right spouse can impact up to 60% of our happiness and even help us make more money? Over the course of 60 years, that could add up to a value of $240,000! Don't miss out on our life-changing content and a chance to improve your life.

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60 Years *$4,000 = $240,000 (assuming 60 years together).
*Research by Brittany C. Solomon and Joshua J. Jackson of Washington University