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In today’s hyper-busy world where many struggle to find even a single minute for themselves, reading a book is an easy task for no one. But the challenge is not where it might seem. Should we know what book may offer us more than any other book, perhaps even more than any other activity we could engage ourselves into, we would take the time to read it.

But which book might it be? And not less important – how can we truly know it is right for us?

When thinking of a classical book, one might think of “War and Peace” by Tolstoy or a book by Hemingway, but it is no big secret that such classics are not a good fit for everyone. Each of us has its own preferences. In a world “deluged by information” as stated by Yuval Noach Harari, we are all busy with our own burning needs of health, making a living, or excelling at our career or family activities. Taking a break to go through one of the previous centuries’ classics could seem literally impossible.

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But a classic book does not have to be a classic book in the meaning that it won a Nobel prize in literacy or the Hans Cristian Andersen Medal. A different way to think of a classic book might be to think of its value and potential contribution and the chances of us as an individual to generate a significant value from reading it – as high value as we would have made, compared with any other alternative that we would put 7 to 14 hours into as we would for reading a book or listening to an audiobook.

That makes our key question much more specific. Which book is expected to be so valuable and fun to read, making it a strong alternative compared with everything the world has to offer us – many times with much greater ease.

But is there really a book worth not just the higher effort compared to a good TV series, but also the risk of changing our daily routine while bearing the vivid risk of disappointment while the world is continuing its march ahead and we are sitting with our legs crossed as we feel our current read may slow our life race to wherever it is that we are running?

Should we consider adopting a slightly different definition of what a classic really is, we may find out that this riddle could be simpler than it may seem.

Approaching the definition of a classical book not as a literacy definition (but as a behavioral economic definition) is a point of view that focuses on what it is that we really seek, what it is that we all seek and what are the very few books that actually offer that for the majority of the people?

If there is a book that can offer such a significant contribution, that isn’t as classic as any other literacy creation, that causes us to identify with or sense exaltation?

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We may find that true classical books are not just relevant for those who appreciate good literature but for us all. For those who want to succeed in their career, for those who want to be happy, for those who want to make more money, and for those who want to nurture better relationships, to find their way in life, to expand their horizons, to acquire new knowledge and skills, and even for those who just want to enjoy a truly good book.

As with any other thing in life, the level of satisfaction we will be gaining from a book will depend on the ratio between the value the book offers, relative to the expectations we have from it. The more the book can offer, not just while reading it but throughout our life, the more we will bless ourselves for choosing to read it.

Hence, the value of a book depends on what it is that we look for in a book, and in fact, what it is that we look for in life as well as the chances the book we will read would actually help us achieve it. Evidence that some books can do better than others.

1. Becoming happier or better appreciate our happiness:

2. Boosting our successes:

3. Making money:

4. Expanding our horizons:

5. Becoming inspired:

6. Acquiring knowledge, tools, or skills that are truly valuable such as excelling in communication and relationships:

7. Enjoy a good reading:

8. Provide us with a sense of elevation and destiny or offer a moral compass, a way of living, role models, and exemplars:

9. The complete package:

If it is not just happiness, the joy of reading, or the path to success that we are looking for, and we are very short in time and want it all, there are 3 books that can probably offer all benefits and beyond.

Very few books can offer so much to so many. This book does not only include some of the best stories, figures, and exemplars for some of the most important skills and life attributes such as managing relationships, making new friends, dealing with conflicts, communicating and managing our feelings, but it also does a great job at it. Possibly as good a job as any other book if not a much better one!

Many books offer good tips and valuable advice on how to communicate effectively with other people, but only a few books encapsulate a life-changing narrative and unforgettable stories from so many different walks of life in a way that can truly enhance life.

The insights and skills the book offers are not just valuable ones, they may be as valuable as life itself, and in some way, they are scientifically proven to be such.

This book is about gaining some of life’s most precious prizes in the right way. A way that is effective, fulfilling, easy-going, and correlates well with a positive approach, good mental health, quality of life, and life expectancy. Furthermore, it offers us a way to get to the meaningful healthy relationships we all want, convincing others to cooperate with whatever it is that we are interested in, and find success and fulfillment in our endeavors.

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All in all, it is one of a handful of books that actually delivers its promise – winning friends and influencing people, and with those two simple things in life, the book may actually offer everything life has to offer: from happiness, fulfillment, and calmness, to skills, inspiration, success and the few life paths truly worth knowing. It is literally impossible to think of someone that can really be counted as happy and successful and is not already going in the king’s road sketched in this magnificent book.

The reader of this all-time best seller book will quickly notice that this book is different than any other book in its domain. The reason is that in many ways this book is the origin of them all. Like “The Intelligent Investor” written by Benjamin Graham in 1936 and believed by many (including Warren Buffett) to be “The Bible” of all investing theories, this is in many ways the origin of all business, self-help, self-development, and mindfulness book.

Just imagine how might your life would look if you could win any friend you wish and effectively influence people. It practically leaves you with only one question and that is not whether you should take the time to read this book, but who are the people you really want to win as friends and in what way you might want to influence people in this world?

If you already know, go ahead – read it and make your life as good as it might be. If you don’t, there is a book that does not fall from this precious pearl in any aspect. A book that may offer you the answers you are looking for.

This book recommendation must include a short warning: written a while ago, this book is far from offering a fair gender balance. It also relates to some beliefs that telepathy actually exists and it disagrees in the sense of how well it is based on Andrew Carnegie’s thoughts and sayings compared to Napoleon Hill’s which claimes to meet Carnegie, but according to some historians, lacks the proof of conducting such meeting.  

Nevertheless, many will find this book as good as a book might be in terms of offering a path to their life’s goals, the friend’s they might want to surround themselves with, and how might they actually meet whatever goal they might set themselves to, but with this book has perhaps a bigger more fitting goal than we had imagined and with a much higher chance to succeed!

It is not that there is no other book that comes close to these two jams, but others are just a bit harder to define as true all-time classics as they are slightly more focused on business or other aspects.

Perhaps the number one book that may offer you a fair portion of what those two may offer is “Winning” by Jack Welsh. At the end of the day, not every book was written by the person that was defined as the number one CEO of the 20th century and has the following recommendation printed on its cover: “Read this book and you will not need to read any other book on management!”.

If you give it a thought, that is actually the definition of (at the very least) the first book you might choose to read if you have any interest in management, business, or leadership. And should we have a strong interest in that field, whether it is in our own family activities, a cooperate firm or social contribution, this would be a book to read if we choose to have some control over our professional or personal life.

10. Taking the risk with a new, yet unrevealed author:

It is hard to claim that any new book can get close to the level, quality, and abundance of all times classics. It is even harder when you are the one who wrote the book to try and claim that.

Having said that, it is only with the highest level of confidence and based on a fair number of readers that I would make this claim and encourage everyone to put it to a test and write back to me through Time Economy’s Contact form.

So, without further ado, please give it a try – its worth it.

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