Time Economy’s best Investment series – early mathematical education

Some top-notch mathematical education for your kids.

Young caucasian boy doing his elementary school homework while sitting at desk.

Kangourou sans Frontières is an international association investing in early mathematical education. With 80 countries taking place it is now the world’s widest mathematical quiz worldwide.

The platform includes an endless amount of valuable resources and activities such as notebooks, competitions, and courses – all aimed to encourage the love for curiosity, self-development, and mathematical thinking.

If you have wondered what might be a worthwhile investment and a time well spent for your kids, then taking this direction even with the smallest of investments such as letting your kids go through one notebook in the next summer could ultimately change their course of life. 

A more significant investment can definitely increase their chances of being happier, earning a higher salary, engaging in a more fulfilling career, and even reduce future risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

To check it out, select your country in the following link and look for the material you find appropriate under “Shop” or “consider other resources”.



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