Why are podcasts and audiobooks so popular?

And how to make them useful for you.

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As time goes by we have an ever-growing abundance of good and bad opportunities to spend our time. Even though longevity is in a positive trend and several people enjoy longer, more secure lives with less undesired tasks, there are some undesired activities that modern life imposes on many of us, such as driving and spending extra time in traffic. In parallel to that, there is a shortage in some highly desired activities for which we are struggling to find time to devote. Activities like sports in the gym, hiking or just fast strolling in the city’s streets and parks.

Ideally, every one of us would be interested to invest about one hour on average in moderate activity such as a slightly intense walk, as scientific evidence suggest that putting 1 hour and 4 minutes a day on average while keeping our weight normal could benefit us with up to 7.5 extra years of life and with a better quality of life. That means that for every hour we invest in walking, we can win up to 12 extra hours of life. 

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But, there is also a challenge here. This win is not 100% guaranteed. There is a fair chance that this win (if we also keep our weight) adds a significant benefit to our quality of life, but it could also be that we invest all this time in a boring walk and still live as long as if we would just watch more TV – this is how statistics work.

But there is also a solution. If we are using this same time to listen to a good book or a valuable podcast, then it is already a win that can be 12 times higher if statistics are on our side. So why not try?

Two great options are Audible, the world’s largest audiobooks app, and Spotify which offers many podcasts, and more…

[1] Steven C. Moore et al. / PLOS Medicine


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The right habits or routines are priceless. It may be enough to do a good walk for about an hour a day while listening to some books or podcasts to extend life by up to 7.2 years.
Reference: Steven C. Moore et al. – PLOS Medicine

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Time-saving article

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