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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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Every life has equal value.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the best company:

For creating the world's largest and most efficient initiative aimed at making healthcare, infrastructures, education, energy, and better quality of life equally accessible to all.

Other Winners

Meat & Fish Artificial Substitutes
For the potential to save much of the earth’s biological abundance, minimize unnecessary animal suffering, and reduce negative global warming and pollution.
5 / 5
mRNA Vaccine
For offering hope to a world suffering from social distancing, economic slowdown, and death.
5 / 5
Moderna & Lonza
For quickly and meticulously using novel technology to bring a Coronavirus vaccine to billions.
5 / 5
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5 / 5


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Time Quality
5 /5
5 /5
Time Saving
5 /5
Life Saving
5 /5
5 /5
Financial Benefit
4 /5
Reward Immediacy
3 /5
Success Rate
2 /5

Estimated number of people impacted or potentially impacted.

The audience expected to find this item relevant.

Expected geographic impact.

Additional species impacted or potentially impacted by this item.

The level of satisfaction, enjoyment, happiness, or meaning that this item may contribute to.

Projected item period of impact.

Potential amount of time that this item may help to redirect from less desired activities to preferred ones.

Item’s potential to save, or extend one's life.

Investment to derived return ratio.

Potential financial value that may be made or attributed to the item.

Chance of successfully gaining the value offering attributable to this item.

Potential rate of post-investment gaining which regard this item.

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