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Best Invention Award | 3rd place

Meat & Fish Artificial Substitutes

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Meat & Fish Artificial Substitutes are the best inventions:

For the potential to save much of the earth’s biological abundance, minimize unnecessary animal suffering, and reduce negative global warming and pollution.

Other Winners

Elon Musk
For leading an unprecedented, well-orchestrated effort to accelerate the global shift to renewable energy. For working to allow global access to the web, renew space journeys, and ... Read More
5 / 5
Melinda & Bill Gates
For creating the most common global unifying language that people use to communicate with computers and among themselves. For redirecting their efforts, resources, and time to cre... Read More
5 / 5
Moderna & Lonza
For quickly and meticulously using novel technology to bring a Coronavirus vaccine to billions.
5 / 5
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5 / 5


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Time Quality
5 /5
5 /5
4 /5
Success Rate
4 /5
Life Saving
3 /5
Financial Benefit
3 /5
Reward Immediacy
3 /5
Time Saving
0 /5

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Expected geographic impact.

Additional species impacted or potentially impacted by this item.

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Investment to derived return ratio.

Potential financial value that may be made or attributed to the item.

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