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About Time Economy

Time Economy is a publisher that innovates ranking systems and content creation, consumption, and distribution in order to make the most of human time and for the benefit of many. Time Economy houses and ranks high-level original content that is of significant value — content that strives to be unbiased, free of ads, and solely focused on offering the very best for its readers



1st prize:

  • $1,000
  • 30 days top page publication on Time Economy home page.
  • Time Economy’s “Hall of Fame” lifetime starring

2nd prize:

  • 30 days top page publication on Time Economy home page.

3rd prize:

  • 15 days top page publication on Time Economy home page.


  • Registered user complying with Time Economy’s Terms of Service & Privacy policy.
  • Original content exclusively published on Time Economy.
  • Copyrights transfer to Time Economy in case you choose to collect your $1,000 prize, allowing us to keep presenting your article for years to come, promoting your article and the value it suggests to readers to the best of our understanding.
  • Payment option must comply with legal requirements. If you are not sure if Time Economy will be able to legally transfer payment (due to unique legal complexity that may apply to your account or in your country), feel free to contact us and we will try to provide you with an answer in advance.
  • Read our Ranking System page to learn how our ranking system works. Only top-ranked articles have a chance to win.
  • To be a top-ranked article you do not have to excel in all parameters. The most important parameters would be the impact your article could have on one’s life and on the lives of many.
  • Ideally, you do want to aim for a top score ranking in all parameters, though this is not necessarily a must. An extremely high value in even one parameter could be worth everything.
  • Time Economy will give extra weight to articles including quantification for one or more of the ranking parameters. See Ranking System for an example of a quantification, or have a look at our World’s Most Valuable Quantifications article.
  • Your article can be written as an article, review, or a consultation. You will be able to choose the appropriate template from our publishing platform once you start writing.

Q) Do I need to pay in order to participate?

A) Participation is free of charge. You do not need to pay.

Q) What should I write about?

A) You are welcome to write about anything you find dear to you or to others, but in order to aim for the win, try to quantify the value of your writing to others and use our ranking parameters. Try writing material that can really enhance people’s lives by making their time quality better, helping them to save time, or choose proper investments for their time. If you can quantify the total impact your article could have, similar to one of the samples provided, you are definitely off to a good start.

Q) Do I have to be a native English speaker to participate?

A) No. Time Economy is all about generating valuable impact for many. We will consider any readable article and if your article suggests valuable enough insight, we will edit it for you in the event that it wins or is found to be highly valuable for many.

Q) Will I be able to publish with Time Economy even if I do not win

A) Definitely! Should we find your article valuable we will publish it. Should you choose to publish it somewhere else, you will be free to unpublish it with us and publish it anywhere you choose.

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